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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  November 30, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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incredible shine. i'm switching for good. love, love, love finish! over a million people have switched to finish. visit us on facebook. all sorts of warning and watches. very heavy for some. the rain was let up a little bito the north is beginning to pick up. it's a wet, windy hazardous drive for many. a violent crime in the
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south bay what we have learned about a home invasion. also a major announcement involving same sex marriage in america could now be just hours away. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. good morning, to you welcome to friday it's november 30th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. >> and we are on storm watch. it's a mess out there. a lot of rain coming down this morning. we have flood problems, we have down trees, we have power outages and the commute is horrible. we do have live team coverage for you from our marin county all the way down to highway 17. we're all over the area. ktvu meteorologist rosemary orozco is at the richmond san rafael bridge right now. ktvu tara moriarty is in our traffic center and alex savidge is way up in the south bay. but first with the radar let's go to ktvu meteorologist steve
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paulson. >> all right, thank you. alex savidge is in the window of very heavy rain in fact. flood advisory has been issued for santa cruz county until 11:30 this morning. it looks like some things are picking up again. i think an inch of rain fell on the board walk. tar look at scott valley, bolder creek. that is a lot of rain. again some of that will be very intense over highway 17 and then over into san jose the rain has picked up. the wind died down a little bit. that is slam city right there. pleasanton also out toward livermore and fremont. and also now pushing out toward discovery bay. for more let's check in on highway 17. alex savidge is there. i think he's right in the middle of it there. >> reporter: it feels like we're in the middle of a band of this rain coming through here. it's been very steady ever
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since we aryed here at the summit. right along highway 17. i want to show you one of the big concerns. along with all the water on the roadways is this kind of thing. down branches and the debris that will build up along the highways. especially on highway 17. here's the roadway and you can get a live look at what it looks like. this is what drivers are facing as they come up and over the pass from the south bay and head into santa cruz. highway 17 stretch outs drive this morning. we drove up here from san jose a lot of standing water on the roadway. a lot of the blind turns when that water ticks up from the car in front of you it can be hairy to say the least. no accidents have been reported in this area. which is a very good thing. what it loo mean is people will have to keep driving slow as they seem to be doing this morning. i want to check in right now tara moriarty more on the traffic conditions throughout
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the bay area. all right, thanks alex. hopefully you can get a little bit warmer later. southbound 101 in san francisco is flooded. this is a look at 101 in san francisco and the south vaness loop also indated. be careful once you are on the bridge there is a high wind advisory. there are only taillights and headlights visible. it is 6:03. let's headack over to pam and dave. thank you. high winds, wet roads certainly making it difficult for drivers especially rob the bridge -- especially on the bridges. rosemary orozco is out near the bridge. i can speak personally. it was a very intense drive overnight. how sit out there this morning? >> reporter: you know it is improving. it's still very wet. in fact soaking wet. you can see the rain coming down. but the wind not driving it as often. the gusts are picking up at times. but not as bad as what we saw
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earlier this morning. giving you a live look here at the san rafael richmond bridge. you can see the lights are back on but that wasn't the case a little bit earlier. you mentioned it and we came across it as well. when we moved across the bridge it was very, very dark. even a little scary. the gusts were really pushing at times which makes it pretty dangerous. because you have calm conditions and all of a sudden you feel your car swaying from side to said. the winds have calmed down just a little bit. but they do continue to cause trouble in many areas. they talk to chp many toppled trees have been reported in the overnight hours. power outages. so damaging winds reported in many cases. but the chp officer also told me something very interesting about the wind. >> the winds this eve nick and this morning was a blessing in disguise in that it blew a lot of the water off the roadway. i have a feeling that is why there was less collisions.
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>> reporter: and give ewe live look back here in san rafael. you can see the rain is pretty much coming down in a vertical direction earlier this morning it was horizontal. hitting us straight from the side. there is still a wind advisory in many portions of the bay. and as you mentioned a moment ago up over the bridges the high wind continues. we'll continue to track this for you and bring you the very latest from san rafael. back to you. 6:05. the power is out in several bay area communities because of that storm. here's a look at some of them. pg&e says in san bruno more than 3400 customers have no electricity. in saratoga more than 1900 customers are in the dark. in san rafael almost 1200 have no electricity. and in napa more than 1,000 people have no power. also we are getting reports of lights out on the bay bridge
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and san mateo bridge as fell with you can get updates at any time with storm tracker 2. you will find it online, on your mobile device, or through one of our ktvu apps. we are following develops news coming in now. mispolice are ming a home invasion robbery. right now we have very few details. this happened about 2:00 this morning. a woman was tied up in her home. several law enforcement agencies are investigating this and searching for a suspect. janine de la vega son the scene. she is getting all the details and we'll get a report from here in about 30 minutes. later today u.s. supreme court may announce if it will review the challenge to california proposition 8 which bans same sex marriage. i'm going to take you live outside -- this san earlier shot of the supreme court building. coming up we will try to go out there live. options before the high court and how the city of san
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francisco is preparing for the court's decision. >> this is major. time now 6:07. the weather is major. our commute. and tara you are watching the bay bridge too. >> that is right. the lights are out on the span. we don't know what caused it. obviously storm related. if we take a live look you can see that the only thing you can see are headlights and taillights across the span. we also have a high wind advisory in effect. looks like it's a pretty slow going. definitely give yourself extra time this morning if you need to get across the bridge. up next we will take a look at highway 24 lafayette. this is near 680 traffic getting a little bit heavy there westbound. we also have a lot of standing water on 680 right near this location. be careful of that. highway 4 through bay point you can see westbound traffic on the bottom portion of your screen as you make your way toward concord. not bad. we do have high wind
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advisories. 6:08 here is steve. tara, thank you very much. we do have small flood stream advisory until 11:30 this morning. very heavy rain around the board walk. what i want to draw your attention to is look at the moisture source. i mean look at that. it goes way out there. we're in line for that to continue. there will be a series of bans. we'll get some breaks but then it will pick up again. santa cruz, scotts valley. this is near the radar site. you get a little bit of enhancement. believe me there has been really hey downpours. we start to see the red there. that is intense. that is why the flood advisory has been issued by the flood -- willow glen, evergreen, san jose. coming out a little bit. not too bad on the peninsula. some of that is steady rain. could be moderate to heavy. the heaviest rain just had a nice little tweet from brent.
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it is pouring in livermore. back over toward discovery bay that is close to the radar. highway 24 i think the worst part of my commute was orinda. yeah take the honors. it was coming down like crazy there. walnut creek you can see heading toward there. vallejo, benicia not too bad. rain let up the north bay but it's picking up again. look at that right there. that is what we will have to deal with. there is so much cloud cover there. we'll have more coming up shortly. thank you, steve. 6:09 is the time. alex smith's job is now backup quarter back this weekend. what he's saying about the decision to leave him sidelined. action against a woman making soup that killed four people. we'll tell you what state officials are saying. and the all night push in
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egypt to draft a new constitution. the anger over key groups left out of the prose process. pro -- left out of the process. [ male announcer ] this december, remember --
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♪ [ car alarm deactivates ] ♪ ...or you can get out there with your family and actually like something. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on, offering some of our best values of the year. this is the pursuit of perfection. 6:13. happening now in egypt the panel dominated by the muslim brotherhood worked through the night to approve a draft constitution. and there are still protests now in cairo's square. the protestors are angry the
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constitution was put together without the participation of liberal and christian members. panel wrapped up add voting on 234 articles during a marathon 16 hour session it ended just after dawn today. back here at home the harbors in los angeles and long beach are idle due if an ongoing strike. a retail group is asking president obama to intervene. a ten-day lockout at west coast ports back in 2002 cost the nations economy about $1 billion a day. union say their jobs are being outsourced to other countries. some cargo ships will divert to other ports including oakland. same sex couples in california are eagerly awaiting news from the united states supreme court that could come as early as today. ktvu alison burns is in our washington, d.c. newsroom with
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what the justices will be deciding. >> reporter: the justices will meet behind closed doors to decide whether they will take up several challenges to gay marriage laws. including california ease ban on same sex marriage proposition 8. supporters are hoping the court will let a lower court decision stand that ruled prop 8 unconstitutional. san francisco city attorney tells us if that happens couples could marry almost immediately. >> atake a great deal of pride on behalf of -- i take a great deal of pride on behalf of this office. we look forward to a court ruling that would make whatever happens that would expedite the process of instituting marriage equality. >> reporter: the justices are also going to announce if they will consider whether same sex marriage deserves equal treatment under federal law and
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if the government defensive marriage act. defines marriage between one man and one woman is constitutional even in states that recognize gay marriage. reporting live alison burns ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco city officials have asked the ninth circuit court of appeals to provide 24 hours notice before lifting its stay on same sex marriages. that is so the city clerk office can prepare for a rush of couples wanting to get married. there are plans for a horrible celebration. a california woman accused of serving mushroom soup that killed four senior citizens has been ban from working at state senior facilities for the rest of her life. earlier this month five people got sick after the soup they ate. the woman claimed she did not know the mushrooms were poisonous but the state has
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ruled the deaths an accident. mother is continuing her search for glues. kristin evans is from san diego. she was in san francisco yesterday to post reward fliers on the anniversary on her son's death. she says 20-year-old brandon was hanging out with friends near the horseshoe pit when he was shot and killed. evans hopes her posters will coince anyone with information to come forward and help solve the case. 49ers quarterback alex smith is finally speaking out after not being named the quarterback on sunday. instead collin is getting his third straight start. smith says he understands coach harbaugh's decision but feels like the only thing he did to lose his job was get hurt. >> you kind of state your case with your play i thought i did
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that. >> alex smith feels he was playing some of his best football when he was hurt. in fact, he still leads the nfl in pass completion percentage. smith says he will be ready to make the most of his next chance to play. meantime collincaper nick he is the subject of a controversial article but it has nothing to do with the way he plays football. coming up at 6:24 whycapper nick is being criticized by one sports writer. rain, wind, trees down. power outages. we hear there is good news in livermore. >> that is right the sig alert has been lifted. chp just reopened the freeway also another accident in that area.
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at the bay bridge the lights are out. you can see only taillights and headlights at this point. give yourself extra time if you need to get into san francisco this morning or oakland. at the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights should be going on pretty soon. a lot of folks decided they needed to get a later start. wait until the rain worked its way out of the area. normally we see a lot more folks out here. again you will be waiting. 6:18 here is steve. thank you, tara. our system a couple of bans the first stronger one is moving through. it's down toward santa cruz mountains. santa cruz also south bay and out to the east bay. things are picking up again. first ban moving through. there is just a highway of moisture that is out in the pacific. and while there was a break in parts of the north bay mendocino county and north bay. just heard from john who has had five inches of rain. said it's calm but the rain is
6:20 am
starting to fall. nothing too heavy. yet it is heavy for some. some of the heavy rainfall means we have a flash flood watch out again. so far leader of the pack would be santa cruz. santa cruz mountains. i know sergio 2.5 inches of rain. santa cruz mountains can take a lot of rain but when it gets to be that much, things get serious which is why they had that small stream flood advisory. also san jose and back over toward campbell and willow glen. and over into livermore sunol grade i know there has been very heavy rain there. things to the north are just more bursts of moderate rain to steady rain. it look loosic there is a pretty good little cell right there. there has been very heavy rain on highway 24. american canyon and vallejo.
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north bay things are picking up. we'll have more on that in a second. pam and dave. zynga changing its relationship status with facebook. they have updated the terms of their relationship and means looser ties between the game maker and social network. it allows facebook to develop its own games and zynga no longer has to use facebook as the log in to its games. both stocks set to open lower on the news. apple has redesigned itunes. they plan to rolled out the updated verse last month but delayed to make sure everything was working properly. it also includes a mini player which allows players to play music without opening their whole music library. one of the bay area with popular music festivals may be good. and what it will mean for san francisco. she's averaged more than a marathon a day for four months.
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the touching story of the heart of the san francisco woman's cross country journey. ♪
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under 100 calories. nature valley granola thins. nature at its most delicious. time now 6:24. there is a new controversy over collin kaepernick and his
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tattoos. an article says being a quarterback is the ultimate position of influence and responsibility. but he says kaepernick looks like a prison inmate because of the tattoos covering his arms. kaepernick's parents told usa today that they were bothered by that article and they say many of their son's tattoos are bible verses. a san francisco woman who spent the last four months running cross country to raise money and awareness for lung cancer will finish her journey tomorrow. she has traveled more than 3200 miles. she started in new york on july 30th and averaged 30-40 miles a day in honor of her friend jill castillo who died from lung cancer. >> she was a huge motivation. the run was in her honor after she passed away her goal was to beat lung cancer for everyone that has lung cancer. >> harrison ran through 12 pairs of shoes to get here. she is going to cross the
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golden gate bridge tomorrow on what would have been castillo's 25th birthday. time now 6:25. michael jackson's father is in the las vegas hospital after having a stroke. it's joe jackson's third stroke in five years. joe jackson lives in las vegas while his wife kathryn lives in southern california with michael jackson's three children. the outside lands music festival will return to golden gate park for the next eight years. supervisors are looking at a permit extension for the popular concert. could also bring in a lot more money for the city. under the proposed deal event organizers would pay an extra half a million dollars to rent out golden gate park for that three-day festival. we've got a lot of bad weather and high wind problems and traffic stuff. tara is here to stay what is happening out there now. >> the bay bridge, richmond,
6:27 am
san rafael, and carney san bridges expecting hey wind advisories. we will head down to milpitas traffic is flowing fairly nicely. it's completely gridlocked at his hour. we've got the rain and we've got the wind to contend with. at the bay bridge that high wind advisory we mentioned. you can only see headlights and taillights that is because the lights are out at the bay bridge. definitely take a little bit more slowly. i know there is a lot more folks out on the roadway now. you should be okay. especially i lang that s-curve take it easy. tara, thank you. it's very, very strong band is moving. it's moving that is good news. there is an auto bonn of moisture offshore that will take aim at us today. urban and small stream advisory out. santa cruz has been slammed in the last hour. that takes until 11:30.
6:28 am
also san jose getting pretty heavy rain heading toward morgan hill and gilroy. also on the peninsula some of that picking up again. not too bad. some of those areas also heading over the richmond or over the san mateo bridge. back over toward the east bay things have let up a little bit. still pockets there along lafayette and also into walnut creek and heading toward alamo. rain is on the way again. time now 6:27. searching for a home invasion suspect in month sir ray know. new developments and what we are founding out happened moments before a woman was tied up in her own home. drivers along 580 just can't catch a break. we were on the way to an accident and couldn't get there because we ran into this accident. we just talked to the driver about what happened. and the opening bell is just about to ring on wall street. pam has the early numbers. every time someone chooses finish over cascade,
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. just ringing the opening bell there in new york this morning. one of the big stocks to watch today is zynga. been talking about changing its relationship with facebook. facebook can now develop its own games. zynga stock getting hit already down almost 9% we'll have all the business news coming up. we'll smile and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us here on ktvu channel 2 morning newsen i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. time now 6:30. >> we have pounding rain, high winds, power is knocked out in a lot of areas. a lot of problems. we continue our storm watch coverage for you. claudine wong is following another major crash in livermore. tara is in our traffic center. let's first go to steve. steve, how are we looking? >> we are looking wet, dave, there is pretty heavy rain toward east bay. the stronger band looks like
6:32 am
it's moving east and south. look at all the moisture. it will be a day where we get rain and then we'll get a break and more rain. urban and small stream advisory out until 11:30 this morning. there has been really heavy rain around santa cruz. i know that up into the santa cruz scotts valley. peninsula starting to get rain. also san jose, santa clara valley moving south morgan hill to gilroy. it looks like wood side beginning to pick up. overall general rain continues to push east. a little bit from hayward toward san ramon could be pockets of moderate to heavy rain. and over toward oakland and sausalito. things are picking up a little bit. now here is tara. thanks, steve. we do want to mention at sfo we do have some delays that will be happening throughout the day. they are on a delayed program. that will cut the amount of flights in half. definitely call ahead and make sure your flight is on time. this is a look at 101 threw 101 through san francisco. we don't have any problems.
6:33 am
though we do have flooding. at the bay bridge we have lights out. these are the only lights from cars. be aware of it. and also hypped advisory in effect. another crash is slowing down the morning commute on interstate 580. claudine wong just arrived on scene in livermore. been a busy one out there. >> reporter: it's just a mess on 580. we were over at the earlier accident on westbound 580 near that 680 interchange that shut down all lanes for several hours. we were on the way to a different accident. we came to a dead stop. when we came upon the scene and understood why we were here before chp was here and saw this overturned basically a double trailer it looks like a gravel truck of sorts. the driver told me that he was just driving up the altamont pass when the truck just started slipping and sliding from side to side. lost control and then the back part of that trailer overturned and now it's blocking three
6:34 am
lanes of traffic. if you look past the truck, you can see the traffic that is now backed up for miles coming into the at mont pass. again this is as you are coming out of livermore eastbound. i've got to tell you this is a problem stretch of roadway. i want to show you video from 11:00 last night because it was in this exact same spot that another big rig a safeway truck also blocked several lanes of traffic. it was on the opposite side of the freeway. we talked to a firefighter yeah he was out here in the same spot at for the same problem. there is still debris from that accident up on the hillside here and now they have to deal with how to clear up this one. as we come back out here live this is the problem. we're not sure how they plan to flip that on over. we're not sure how long it will take a tow truck driver to get over here. again we were on our way to a different accident. that is not blocking traffic westbound. but that traffic from the
6:35 am
earlier accident a little bit on the stretch that road is still blocking things for miles. it's a mess on 580 now in both directions. we're going to keep an eye on this situation and let you know when they think they can get it cleared up. live in livermore i'm claudine wong. local school districts may cancel class today because of the storms and dangerous road conditions. santa rosa is one that may close all of its schools today. the district will analyze each school and nearby road to shire their it's safe to drive. stay with us here at ktvu and for any school closure information. if you a flight out of sfo you are being urged to check ahead before going to the airport. as of right now we heard there are delays because of the weather maybe more cancellations starting to pop up. there are some on sfo's website right now. now we also just received word that starting at 9:00 this
6:36 am
morning some arriving flights could be delayed more than three hours due to a low cloud ceiling once again that happened yesterday when several arriving flights were delayed. the south bay also busy and making storm preparations. pac 12 championship game is tonight. coming up at 6:45 how stanford stadium is getting the field ready for the big game. we will keep tracking the storm for you all morning long. you can also get updates at any time with storm tracker 2. you can find it online, on your mobile device, or through one of our ktvu apps. new details this hour surrounding a home robbery investigation in monte sereno. police have confirmed a man is dead and a woman rushed to the hospital after someone broke into their home on whitney road overnight. withey road that is. ktvu channel 2 reporter janine
6:37 am
de la vega is out there in the neighborhood she's going to have a live update in a minute. >> our people are everywhere this morning. tara is in the traffic center. problem in sonoma county? >> that is right. they just can't catch a break up there. the flash flood warning back in effect from 6:30 until 9:00. the national weather service just made that announcement. they canceled the earlier one but had to reissue again. so be careful. all over the chp website this morning i'm seeing mud slides, rock slides, roadway flooding all along the country roads that are up in the sonoma area. santa rosa also getting hard hit as well. we will take a live look outside at 101 through san francisco. you can see traffic is actually moving along fairly well in potato directions here -- in both directions here on the right hand side. we are mentioning there could be delays this morning. check ahead for your flight. up next a look at the bay we ha this particular shot show there is are no lights on. but we do understand there are some lights that could be on but just you know take it
6:38 am
slowly as you go across there. also a high wind advisory in effect. 680 at the sunol grade. this is in the fremont area. we do have brake lights showing pup people taking it easy going below the speed limit this morning. 6:37 here is steve. urban and small stream flood advisory. flash flood watching. wind advisories. it's all for a lot of rain and it's going to continue. couple things i want to show you. look at the moisture. i'll stop this so i -- no i'll show you right here. look at all that. there is a lot. there is a little development taking place right there. we are not quite done yet. even though the first strong, strong ban is going through. urban and small stream flood advisory on santa cruz mountains. wind advisories until noon.
6:39 am
occasionally think there is warnings embedded within that. heavy, heavy advisories. lights up in the yell roadway and red and stays there. also san jose and fremont very heavy rain. you can see some of that right there picking up -- heading over toward cupertino and sunnyvale. back over toward sunol grade. when it comes down, it comes down hard. not too bad parts of the east bay. steadier rain oakland and san francisco over toward sausalito. kevin checked in. i know he had a couple inches of rain there. petaluma things are picking up a little bit. wider picture. calm down a little bit. now you rain is starting to pick up again. why? because look at the moisture just streaming in here. so that is going to give us fits the rest of the day. look for more rain today to continue and that wind advisory as well. it looks like things have calmed down compared to last night. still there could be busts. we could get a lot of rain
6:40 am
here. not only in today but later tonight and then we'll get somewhat of a break saturday but then sunday another system begins to move in. pam and dave. steve, thank you. time now 6:39. missing autistic teenager from oakland was found and beaten insects yulely assaulted why there is still a lot of unanswered questions about what ad to her. this is a look at highway 4 through the bay point area. you can see traffic pretty sluggish. we'll tell you traffic hot spots and where you need to watch out for roadway flooding.
6:41 am
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good morning. rain continues. some of it not too bad. others is really, really hey. the heaviest rain has been pushing south especially down toward santa cruz and santa cruz county. welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following for you right now at 6:42. we are of course on storm watch. we have lots of rain all over the bay area. some areas dealing with flooding and there are a lot of crashes out on the roads. also today the supreme court will decide if it will review california's proposition 8 which bans same sex marriage. if the high court decides it will not take on the case, that will pave the way for same sex marriage to become legal again here in california. new information on our other top story this morning.
6:44 am
police just released new details surrounding a violent home invasion robbery in monte sereno. janine de la vega is now at the los gatos police department with information on this investigation. janine. >> reporter: pam, i just spoke with police sergeant who tells me they received a 911 call from a woman saying that her house had just been ransacked and that an intruder came in. let's go to video we took a little bit earlier this morning. this all happened again just before 2:00. they received a 911 call from a woman saying that her home was invaded and when police arrived on the scene they found a man that was deceased. they are telling us that is the woman's husband. at this point we are unsure of how he died or what weapons were used. but our sources tell us that the woman was actually tied up and somehow she managed to get to the phone to call police. she was transported to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. but again police are
6:45 am
investigating the death of her husband. there was an active search of the area earlier this morning. a canine was used and campbell police, santa clara county sheriffs office assisted in this investigation. the rain is tampering -- hampering the investigation. they want to make sure they don't lose any evidence. we hope to have more information as the morning continues. reporting live janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. our time 6:44. police in oakland will give us more information about a missing autistic girl from oakland that has been found in san francisco. she disappeared tuesday. the 16-year-old girl's father told us his daughter was beaten and sexually assaulted. the girl walked away from the fred finch youth center. the staff followed her for more than two hours but lost sight
6:46 am
of her near the bart fruitvale station. >> they tracked her by vehicle and on foot for five hour. never detaining her. which they have the authority to physically detain her and put her in the vehicle. >> reportedly the youth center says the doors are not locked. kids are allowed to leave. according to the girl's father she was last seen at the bart station with a group of six men. now police have not given us any information yet on the teenage girl's condition or the circumstances of how she disappeared. the tarp is on the field at stanford stadium this morning as the rain pours down ahead of tonight's pac 12 championship game. stanford hosts ucla for the right to go to the rose bowl. they are watching the forecast closely to figure out when to take that tarp off. >> the tarp does bring water up that's why you need to get it off as soon as you can.
6:47 am
>> stanford's ticket manager tells the san francisco chronicle the weather has hurt ticket sales. hep predicts a -- he predicts a crowd about 35 how long. that is 15,000 short. we have live coverage on our website you can also watch tonight's 5:00 p.m. game right here ktvu channel 2. our coverage begins at 4:30 right after an early edition of ktvu news. >> whatever you do this morning grab an umbrella, give yourself plenty of time. the roads are messy but all the rain and tara santa cruz really getting hit hard. >> that is right. we've seen alex savidge getting pelted by the rain. and the traffic is just really miserable along highway 17. really getting the brunt of the storm right now. we also have more hot spots we want to mention. they keep popping up on the chp website. highway 84 westbound that will be closed due to a mud slide. we also have a couple trees
6:48 am
down up in napa at highland boulevard blocking the roadway. just want to make sure you were aware of it. let's head outside right now and take a live look at highway 4 through bay point. traffic pretty she going as you head westbound toward concord. a look at the bay bridge toll plaza shows the metering lights are on. you will be sitting through it a bit today. and the bay bridge also has a high wind advisory in effect. a lot of the lights are out on the bridge. be careful of that as well. finally 237 in milpitas traffic on the right hand side there you can see a lot of brake lights those are folks heading toward sunnyvale. normally this is solid red. not as many folks taking the morning commute. 6:47 here is steve. tara, thank you. looks like a really intense ban is moving east and south. now a general rain will come in. that will be with us through most of the day. look what is offshore. there is just plenty to go.
6:49 am
it will be one of those days you hunker down. santa cruz mountains, santa cruz, urban and small stream advisory. it looks like it's pushing off toward morgan hill and gill gilroy. let's hope so. when you see the yellow and orange that is heavier. green is steady. light green is not heavy. milpitas back over to sunnyvale. and palo alto. cupertino there has been rain. pleasanton and sunol grade has been hit hard. livermore, pleasanton, dublin, and back over toward san ramon. not too bad in the east bay. maybe little enhancement out toward antioch and bethel island. and just a general rain. and san francisco over the bay bridge. nothing too heavy there. and then you can see the heavier rain is to the south. but it looks like from petaluma had issues with pen grove
6:50 am
stream earlier rising above flood stage. overall things are picking up a little bit in the rain category but nothing compared to what we had. there is is 3-7 inches of rain up toward mendocino county and lake county. look at the moisture. we have a long way to go. there are either flood watches or winded a sezarys will -- or wind advisories will take us through 11:00. one more band on sunday. don't forget ktvu will have you covered as that next storm moves in over the weekend. on sunday mornings on 2 will start one hour earlier at 6:00 a.m.. we'll have complete weather coverage for you. we'll also tell you about all the problem areas all over the bay area. hostess is ready for its big bake sale and the future of twinkies is virtually assured. it's in talks with more than 100 potential buyers for its brand including dingdongs, hohos and wonder bread.
6:51 am
hostess says the potential buyers include five national retailers and willing to spend substantial sums. starbucks donating some of its revenue on world aids day to help fight the disease. it will give five cents to the global fund for each hand crafted drink sold on saturday in the u.s. and canada. starbucks also offering a $30 gift card for use at its stores and on itunes. 5% of the proceeds will also go to red which fights hiv in africa. it didn't work in richmond but will it work in other cities? the other bay area cities may now want to tax soda. police officer helping a homeless man in need. the act of kindness becoming a hit online. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. traffic not too bad but out in livermore a completely different story.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. live look at the big board. dow jones up a little bit. 16 points. still hanging on to that 13,000 level. still have stocks to watch. time now 6:54. mountain view police may tell us more today about the alleged sexual assault of a 13-year-old
6:55 am
girl. it happened near castro park wednesday night. according to police the girl knew the suspects and was drinking alcohol with them when that assault happened. a 23-year-old man and two 17- year-old boys have been arrested. that girl is at home recovering with her family. new york city police officer is getting praise from recall over the world for the kindness he showed to a homeless man. he says he saw the man barefoot in time square asking for spare change. now the officer says his feet were freezing even with socks and boots on. so it moved him when he saw that man barefoot. >> you could see the blisters from a distance and as i said it was so cold that i knew i had to do something. >> he walked to a nearby shoe store and bought socks and a pair of all weather boots for that man. he came back he put them on the homeless man. neither of them saw the arizona tourist taking a picture of them with his cell phone.
6:56 am
it was posted on the nypd facebook page. it has been seen an praised by almost a-million viewers. this morning president obama travels to a toy factory to make another appeal for his approach to avoiding the fiscal cliff. the president will make the case that congress needs to take action to stop taxes from going up on middle class consumers during the holiday season. republicans say they are not impressed with the president's latest proposal brought to capitol hill yesterday by timny geithner. the white house proposal consists of $1.6 trillion in higher taxes. and want $50 billion in infrastructure spending until 2015. more bay area cities are considering taxes on soda sales. the first city to put the idea
6:57 am
up for public vote was richmond. that was defeated earlier this month. now berkeley, vallejo, and alameda county are all thinking about similar measures. the soda industry said the tax would not work because consumers would go to neighboring cities to buy their drinks without the tax. if you want to you'll get a chance to play the power ballot reflection year. the california lottery commission just voted they will join the power ball game and power ball tickets will go on sale here in california beginning april 8th. power ball is played in 42 other states. the u.s. virgin islands and district of columbia. we may meet a win over that $587.5 million jackpot later this morning. lottery officials verified the winning ticket that someone bought bought that ticket from the town of deerborn, missouri. 9:00 news conference is planned. another winning ticket was purchased in fountain hills,
6:58 am
arizona. so far that winner has not come forward. coming up on 7:00 as we get ready to head out the door. be careful. a lot of problem areas. >> we have bad road conditions in the santa cruz mountains and on through parts of the south and east bay. let's take a live look at an accident on 580 in livermore. look at this. this is a big rig crash obviously near the greenville exit. the top portion of your screen is westbound. bottom portion eastbound so you can see it's very slow going in the eastbound direction. definitely give yourself extra time. now if we take a look at our maps we can show you a little bit better where that is. this is the sig alert that has been issued. this is where claudine wong has been for the past hour. and eastbound 580 we also have an accident and we also have slow going there as well as a mud slide that happened on highway 84. 6:58 here is steve. tara, thank you. some of the heavier rain is
6:59 am
pushing east and south. there is a river upstream that still has to come over us. heavy rain is giving way to more of a general rain. we'll talk about the advisories, warning, watches and how much longer this will last coming up. also coming up here on mornings on 2 just as bad as everyone predicted the bay area getting pounded by rain and wind on this stormy friday morning. we just heard that one sonoma county school district just canceled classes. coming up on mornings on 2. a deadly attack just happened. what we found out about a violent incident.


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